In the summer of 2014, the Norwegian Mining Museum introduced a large exhibition with the works of glass sculptor Aino Jensen. Many of the motives and symbols of her works have been inspired by the rich and long history of the mining industry at Kongsberg silver mines (1623-1958). The number of visitors attending the opening of the exhibition, the large number of visitors to the exhibition throughout the summer and the high sale rates, are a testament to the popularity and recognition of Jensen’s work.

Aino Jensen is an exceptionally creative and versatile artist and she has developed her own artistic technology and method in her productions. For the Mining Museum it has been a particular pleasure to exhibit glass art, with its fine and delicate forms, in a mining context typically defined by raw, dark and brutal artefacts and traditions. This contextualisation further strengthened the experience and visualisation of Aino Jensen’s art.

The Norwegian Mining Museum expresses its gratitude for an excellent and constructive partnership and wishes Aino Jensen the best of luck with future exhibitions.

Alfhild Skaardal, Managing Director, Norwegian Mining museum

I felt that there was need for an edition which held high artistic quality. It was natural to think of Aino, who I know as an incredibly talented glass artist. She had a groundbreaking exhibition at Telemarksgalleriet last year. The exhibition is a collaboration between theNorwegian Mining Museum, Telemarksgalleriet and the artist.

Rita Engedalen, CEO Telemarksgalleriet to the exhibition ”the Miner”

”Aino is an incredibly exiting artist. Creative and innovative. A best seller!”

Haldor Haldorsen, owner of Panorama Art, Bergen

”Aino always deliver exiting solutions to our customers, and her ornaments have a distinctive and delicate touch.”

Helene Brekke, Curator at Telemarksgalleriet, Notodden

”Aino is an emerge of creative energy. A passionate artist who is challengig herself in new and exiting projects.”

Walter Welo, Owner at Gulden Kunstverk, Steinberg

”One of the most fascinating local art experiences in 2009 were made by glass artist Aino Jensen”

Laagendalsposten January 2., 2010

A journey in layers. ”Each layer of the art is decorated so that the spectator finds new adventures seeing one moves into the picture and thus exploited the possibilities of glass to create a three-dimensional whole. In addition to a living surface gives this work a unique depth, so they literally uncovered layer by layer .The works that expose her experience of solidified lava from Iceland, is characterized by an almost extreme texture that bringes to live. Her torsos owns an unsentimental roughness.”

Laagendalsposten February 13., 2009

”Impressive glass art.”

Telen April 16, 2012

”Aino makes the miner alive! Glass artist Aino Jensen portrays the miner’s history with nerve and empathy at the exhibition. The ambition has been to tell about the miner’s living conditions and dreams in a historical setting. Here the artist has hit the jackpot!”

Laagendalsposten May 19., 2014

”The miner has come home! We greatly appreciate the cooperation that has enabled us to introduce a local artist who holds a very high level.”

Communication Consultant Halvor Sælebakke by Norwegian Mining museum

”We know Aino well and knows what she stands for artistic. So we feel it's great to represent her in full width in our gallery.”

Curator at Telemarksgalleriet Helene Brekke

”Aino Jensen challenges and pushes the glass limits on the exhibition "Metamorphosis" in Telemarksgalleriet. Here visitors can experience her full width of the 700 square meter premises.”

Laagendalsposten 2012

”experimental art with fine expression.”

The newspaper Jarlsberg, July 25., 2009

”Aino is an artist who always is developing, she is untiring in the search for new techniques and expressions.”

Laagendalsposten February 4., 2010

”Aino Jensen opened the year medieval festival exhibition. Exciting works with rough textures and heavy colors.”

Laagendalsposten July 27., 2010

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